I make your vision come true.

I am cinematographer, indie filmmaker and entrepreneur who is dedicated to create engaged films and video content for your business or personal needs. 

Wedding Films

I enjoy making wedding films. As you can see I have plenty of those love stories below. My love stories are unique and they have a soul. I make them with all mindset of cinema and some of them can really go on a large screen for film festivals. I do about 50 weddings a year and this is actually my mainstream. If you like to discuss your future wedding plans just drop me a message.

Commercial Video Production

I can handle any type of commercials for broadcast or internet distribution. From small local shops to big brands on the market. If you like my cinematic style just drop a message. I have quite a different view about this topic but exactly this makes the videos unique and it can fit your vision in a very creative way.

Some of my latest films

Take a look at some of my personal and commercial projects below

Farm Street Church Wedding Video London
The Ned Wedding Video London
Styled Shoot
The Riding Boot Co

The idea of the teaser is simple and have to showcase their last models of riding boots on social media channels.  

Help and Care Assist

The gaol of this video was to keep the website visitors longer on the their website and to lower the bounce rate of google analiticts. This was definatelly completed and actiolly boost their enquiries by 20%.

Track Right

It is a lifestyle video distributed around the social media channels for one of their campaigns. The engagement was really high.

Real Estate video showcasing a property for sale
Personal film during COVID-19

This project was filmed and inspired during the first lockdown in the UK. The idea was to separate both sides of living, the busy one and the peaceful way and at the same time to make a balance in between. 

Inspirational film

This is a personal project showcasing some of my best run and gun shots from my trips. The goal is to build an inspirational message for the youtube community.

Car salles commercial

Commercial video produced for local TV and social media ad campaigns. 

Global Investment Immigration Summit

The client needed a dedicated studio set up during the conference for interviewing speakers and at the same time live streaming with multi-camera from the main hall. Me and my crew managed to do it hassle-free a this is just a highlights from the event. 

Cleaning business ad

Commercial video for a local cleaning business in Oxford. The goal was to present the services in the most simple and not boring way. Standard organic shots mixed with a modern soundtrack.