Orchardleigh House Wedding Video

Milly May and Devon

Relaxed | Luxury | Fine Art

I enjoyed filming this beautiful wedding at Orchardleigh House in Somerset. The historic venue, with its lush gardens and grand architecture, provided a picturesque backdrop for the couple’s special day. Every detail, from the elegant ceremony in the chapel to the joyous reception in the grand hall, has its own Disney-like touch. The couple’s love story unfolded against a backdrop of timeless beauty, with heartfelt vows, emotional toasts, and joyous dancing all documented in stunning detail. The couple arrived spectacularly by helicopter, gracefully landing on the estate’s expansive lawns. The guests were in awe as the bride and groom stepped out, adding an unforgettable elegance and excitement to their special day. This breathtaking moment, set against Orchardleigh’s lush gardens backdrop, was perfectly framed in the video above. The night concluded with a mesmerizing fireworks display, lighting up the sky and creating a magical finale. Take a look at the wedding film I created for my lovely couple at Orchardleigh House, and if you would like to discuss your wedding plans, just let me know.

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